Customer service

Customer service

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Every symbol resembles the product characteristics. Visit the page Symbols for further explanation.

There are some spare parts available for a selection of Rapid products. You can find them on the Spare Parts page.


You can easily submit your guarantee request online by filling in the fields and uploading one or more images. Fields with * are mandatory and by filling in the other fields the request can be processed the fastest, perhaps without further questions. You will receive instructions for the next steps by email, only then can/may the product be sent. The data entered will only be used with regard to the relevant guarantee request and will not be provided to third parties.

If you are unsure whether it concerns a warranty, wear or misuse, a warranty claim can of course be submitted via this site or by post. When necessary, Rapid Tools will contact you for further information. With a valid warranty application, Rapid Tools will handle the application in accordance with the warranty provision. If there is no guarantee, the costs with regard to possible repairs and return shipments will be charged to you after you have given your approval. This way you will never be faced with unwanted surprises.

All Rapid Tools products have a 2-year warranty. This warranty only applies to production errors and / or defects with regard to the product and of course not to wear and / or usage errors, such as for example the damage or breakage of saw blades or blades. If your request is covered by the warranty, we will immediately repair or replace the product for a new one free of charge. If the product concerned is no longer available, you will receive a similar product return.

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